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About Cosgrove Joinery Ltd

Cosgrove Joinery Ltd was formed in October 2011.  We have assisted our clients with many projects over this period ranging from joinery installations to completion of turnkey fit-out packages.

We pride ourselves on striving to achieve excellence in relation to the projects we get involved with, adopting  a partnering attitude with our clients to provide a diverse range of delivery capabilities.

We retain a repeat business client base of which we are proud of as a direct result of the excellent service we provide.

Supply Chain

We have an excellent team of competent joiners and tradesmen.

We also have a dedicated supply chain of contractors capable of delivering all construction elements.

Company Policy and Values

Our company policy is our declared intention is to work Incident & Injury Free wherever we have a presence.  We are committed to continual improvement of our Health and Safety systems and procedures.

Our policy is to integrate this intent and the “Cosgrove Joinery Way” for Safety into our methods of work within each of our businesses and joint ventures: providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and other stakeholders who may be affected by our undertakings.

We are committed to the implementation of this policy, and to achieving Incident & Injury Free working on all our sites and in all our offices.

Every employee is tasked with the personal responsibility of implementing this policy.

Every employee must challenge getting things changed, altered, amended, redesigned or enhanced to protect the health and safety of all who work with us, visit us, trade with us and those who may be affected by our works.

We believe that unsafe acts and unsafe conditions are preventable and that no process, in any of our operations, is so urgent or so important that we cannot find a practical, effective, safe and healthy way of carrying it out.

As a minimum, we will consult with our employees, suppliers and stakeholders through the Safety Leadership Teams that operate throughout our business.

This policy will be displayed in each location we have a presence and any comments regarding this policy should be made in the first instance to Declan Cosgrove: 07764 286 971 or email: declan@cosgrovejoineryltd.com

Our company values are Respect, Excellence, Hard work and Enterprise.

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